Climate Change and Biodiversity

Climate change is affecting nearly every facet of life in United Kingdom and most people support the need to reduce global warming and prepare for more extreme weather-related events. Combatting climate change is now an intrinsic part of national and local government policies and plans based on the work of academics, non-governmental organisations, businesses, and individuals who have been advocating a net carbon zero future for many years. Green technologies and regulatory initiatives have resulted in significant reductions in carbon emissions to date, but further reductions will require all sectors of the community to get involved.

Projects to improve biodiversity are ongoing in Semley and have started in Sedgehill. Following the clearance of common land to improve drainage and clear a footpath to the rear of the school and rectory in Semley, several volunteers and the landowner started a project to create a Wildflower area on the land. Following a site assessment by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, wildflower seeds were sown in spring 2022 with financial support from Semley Village Stores. This resulted in stunning show of colour during the summer and autumn months with an associated increase in pollinators. Further seeding of adjacent areas is planned in 2023. Sedgehill residents want to increase the biodiversity of the land adjacent to the Church leased by SSPC and in and around the village pond, including creating wildflower areas and managing the hedgerows. An Ecology Survey, funded by SSPC, of three sites was conducted in September 2022. The results of the survey and its associated management plans were adopted by SSPC in January 2023 and initial actions agreed in March 2023.

Further details about what the Parish Council is doing to address these issues is contained in this document.

Many of the activities underway in Sedgehill and Semley reflect the priorities outlined in this document, demonstrating that residents care about the environment and want to make a difference. If you have a project that might need help from the Parish and/or County Council, then please contact the Parish Council Clerk at